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sugarfreekids's Journal

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I hope the name 'sugarfreekids' doesn't distract from the fact that adults like to be sugar free too! So please feel free to join if you have children or not!

I have four children ages 7 months to 5 years old. I know I'm not the only parent out there that tries to keep them sugar free!
Refined sugar depletes the immune system and robs vitamins and minerals from our bodies. Sugar in the diet goes way beyond just desserts and candy. Refined sugar is in almost everything, for example: tomatoes sauces, applesauce, cereal, juice, crackers and breads.

This is a community to post anything about being sugar free!
Please post facts, tips, recipes, product information and good products you recommend.
~I encourage the posting of vegan recipes
~I encourage the posting of recipes that don't call for white flour. White flour is just as harmful to the body as white sugar is

Healthy sugar substitutes include things like:
100% pure maple syrup
fruit juice
brown rice syrup
barley malt syrup
(There is a debate about if honey is actually good for the human body. But honey debates and recipes are permitted.)

Please NOTE: This is not a place to post recipes using any chemical alternatives to sugar.(i.e. aspartame, saccharin)

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