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Choosing the Correct Tea for You

When you're ready to journey into the fine world of healthy tea, you should be aware there are three predominant types of tea at the markets: green, oolong, and black. Today, the three important groups of tea are joined by a fourth, which has the potential for a plentitude of healthy aid white tea. The divergence between all of the types of tea is how each is harvested and processed. As a general rule, the less the leaf is proceessed, the greater the accumulation of antioxidants (as revealed with the white tea variety).

Black Tea

With more than 75% of the tea produced in the entire world, the black type is often named pekoe or orange pekoe. Since the leaves are fermented before drying, black tea possesses the lowest accumulation of the antioxidants that can cause an improvement in health. Out of all the teas, black tea has the highest quantity of theaflavin, which is thought to reduce the threat of cancer and cardiovascular disease. According to a long-term research project conducted by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, parallels were uncovered between daily usage of black tea and a lower chance of having a stroke. A study in Saudi Arabia also found the chances of devoloping coronary heart disease had been lowered by 50%.

Oolong Tea

Since oolong tea sustains a partial fermentation, there is still a good volume of antioxidants to cure and prevent an array of medical problems. A large level of polyphenol is related to the consumption of oolong tea, which has a connection to the hindrance and handling of heart-related diseases. When drinking a cup of oolong tea per day may arise in a lowered risk of high blood pressure (or hypertension) by almost 50%. This type of tea also helps against embarassing skin conditions and tooth decay.

Green Tea

Green tea does not begin a conversion of fermentation, which leads to a higher concentration in healthful qualities than the black and oolong type. A high quantity of catechin is held inside a cup of green tea and it is due to this ingredient that you get the multitude of anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Drinking green tea may also help various patients fight rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infection, and a weakened immune system.

White Tea

The youngest leaves and buds are left untouched when harvesting the ingredients for white tea. Because of this the highest accumulation of antioxidants is available inside a cup of white tea. White tea has the potential to fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The white type of tea also increases the anti-bacterial and anti-viral fighting strength of some of the most used toothpastes available to the consumer. Research done on the polyphenols in white tea have revealed the ability to eliminate cancer causing cells.

You can find it very difficult to select the right tea when they all have innumerable potential healthful benefits. I would advise that you should regularly consume the one that you think tastes the best. Tea is a drink that should be savored not just considered a medicine. I would also advise you to pick a couple days each week to try a different tea. This way you might get several of the potential benefits of all the teas and you might even discover a new preferred tea.

About the Author: To read more about the benefits of tea, come over to Dennis Brown's site

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