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making due

Hi all!
I`m a 20 year old canadian vegetarian. i tried doing veganism, but it didn`t work for me, i still plan to try again, but right now i`m living in Katimavik, which is a youth volunteer service program, and i live with nine other people, and i am the only vegetarian. there is cheese in everything, practically. they respect my vegetarianism, but its too much to ask of them to prepare balanced vegan meals, because each week we take turns doing all the cooking. considering four months ago, they didn`t know how to cook beans, they`ve come leaps and bounds.
the problem is, i would love to go sugar free but its really difficult.
i come from a family with a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, which is very similar to sugar dependency and I crave sugar constantly.
how did you guys wean yourselves off of sugar dependency?
and how am i supposed ot do it in a group setting where there is sugar and sweets everywhere???
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