Sonia (suikervrij) wrote in sugarfreekids,

Let me introduce myself too...

Another newbie for this community....

I'm Sonia, a 17 year old girl from Europe, The Netherlands. (so I'm really sorry for big blunders in English) I was having a lot of trouble with my intestines. After a lot of testing, my doctor told me i had the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). But that there's nothing he could do. There were days I couldn't walk because of it, so I wasn't satisfied with the advise 'you have to live with it..'

I went to a homeopathic doctor, with is great help to me. I'm taking homeopathic medicine for it now and he found out I mustn't eat any milk and product made of it, like cheese (but also no horse, or goat milk) and no sugar!! I can only have sugar from fruits, also no chemical sugars!

Right no, I'm almost off-stomachache and I find out my diet has such a great reflection on me! When I'm eating unhealthy for a while, I feel a lot worse than when I'm eating healthy! And when I'm eating sugar or milk, the stomachache will come back!!

I'm very glad I found this community, I think it's wonderful to support each other, exchange recipe's and answer each others questions!!

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